Faculty Talks

We believe that it is important to have regular opportunities to meet your fellow researchers and get to know the research activities at the department.

The faculty talks are occuring monthly with a focus on our department’s ongoing research, and are on rotation among the groups. We suggest to structure of the seminars in a 20 minutes introduction by the group leader, and 20 minutes for presentations by 1-2 young researchers. The group leaders should introduce their overall research activities and explain the techniques they use. Moreover they select the people from their lab to present projects.

The seminars take place in the faculty club, with time for questions after the talks. After the talks, there will be food and drinks.

28-05-15Martin LauritzenSanne Barsballe Jessen & Krzysztof Kucharz
19-08-15Kenneth MadsenThorvald Faurschou Andreassen & Simon Erlendsson
16-09-15Jens ReklingWiktor Phillips
11-11-15Thue W. Schwartz
16-12-15Birgitte Holst
20-01-16Jens Bo Nielsen
17-02-16Ulrik Gether
16-03-16Jakob Balslev Sørensen
13-04-16Ron Kupers
date not setClaus J. Løland

The complete list with research groups at INF are listed below

  1. Brain Research and Integrative Neuroscience Laboratory.
  2. Eye Pathology Laboratory
  3. Molecular Neuropharmacology and Genetics Laboratory.
  4. Molecular Pharmacology Laboratory
  5. Neural Control of Movement Laboratory
  6. Neuronal Signaling Laboratory
  7. Laboratory of Neuropsychiatry
  8. Laboratory of Neural Plasticity