Startup meeting for

We are two young researchers who have long felt the need for a platform for both scientific and social interactions among the young neuroscientists at the Department of Neuroscience and Pharmacology. Therefore we have created a community for the young researchers, to help enhance interactions across fields of research, give a better insight into the research taking place at the department, and provide opportunities for collaborations across research groups.

We would therefore like to invite you for a short presentation of the idea and open up for a discussion. If you want to hear more, contribute or show your support, you should come to the meeting, which will take place Friday, February 20th, at 12:00 in room 18.6.56a. Everybody is welcome – from bachelor students to postdocs. The Deputy Head of Department, Jakob Balslev Sørensen, and perhaps Head of the Department, Mette M. Rosenkilde, will also attend the meeting.

Below are some of the activities we suggest to be a part of

Senior faculty talks
Monthly seminars with talks by group leaders from the department. The talks should be based on a recent publication with a solid presentation of the field and the background of the study. The duration of the talks should be 30-50 minutes, and they should be focused for students and young researchers. Serving of pizza/soda/beer dependent on the time. E.g. thursdays at 16:00.

Monthly distinguished seminars
Possibility of co-organising the monthly seminar by the junior and senior faculty of the department, combined with a lunch for students interested in a casual meeting with the invited speaker.

Other possibilities
Social events, industry visits/presentations.